The Bat Mitzvah of a Lifetime – Series #1

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Dancing: me, my sis and our momma!

I have been wanting to write this post for months.  For the past few months, I feel like I’ve been in party recovery. Ha!  That was how hard I worked to plan every single detail.  For six months prior to the event, every weekend was jammed pack filled with running errands and planning.   The good news is, the party was a hit.. at least in my eyes and in the eyes of the Bat Mitzvah girl! Though, now that I have received the photos and video it sure looks as if all my guests had a good time too, which makes me beam with happiness.

I wanted to share some photos and thank some of the vendors that I had the pleasure to work with.  Since that would mean an article 10 pages long I will do this as a series. This first series will focus on the Party Invitations and Balloons. 

But first, a picture of the simply gorgeous Bat Mitzvah girl.

Boy did she make us extremely proud! 

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The party venue was on Long Island, NY at The Meadow Club located in Port Jefferson, NY


0009a Invitation3 283x300 The Bat Mitzvah of a Lifetime   Series #1

Originally, I wanted silver across the entire outside perimeter. Beth explained this would be far more expensive since they would need to use another piece of paper to do that. We opted for the silver down the middle instead. The outcome was still an elegant look.

Party Invitations – Invitations with Love by Beth Shapiro
Brooke’s invitations were beautiful and working with Beth was a nice experience. She helped us bring our vision to life.  For us, the color and design was very important as our color was our ‘theme’ and we wanted an elegant look since the party would be in the evening.

Beth helped me get the design I wanted and within MY budget. Though I admit, I never realized how much there was to think about when it came to an invitation! You need to determine: size, shape, color, and material.  You can’t forget the envelopes either (lined, unlined, return address). Then there is the RSVP card, the direction card and in my case I ordered Thank you Notes as well.

All of these decisions ultimately factor into the price.   Don’t forget you need to provide the stamps for the RSVP envelopes and then postage for the invitation itself.  I think for my next party, I’ll do a YouTube invitation (ha!)



0371 nice view of table 199x300 The Bat Mitzvah of a Lifetime   Series #1

The ribbons cascading down were beautiful. Paul later told me those were a surprise. How wonderful is that!

The Balloons –  Balloon Bouquets of Long Island was the vendor I chose and I selected them because it was obvious to me they knew what they were doing.  First, they had a good website – which to me was a sign of how they ran their business.

Immediately following our first meeting, Paul provided me a very detailed list of designs and options. I was grateful that he was so well organized!  The colors we wanted were blue and silver.  Paul presented me with a beautiful selection of choices and he gave his input on what he thought would look best in the room. I highly suggest if you plan to use balloons that you meet the vendor at the party venue.

Can you tell that there is a glitter rose on the silver balloons? The balloons were in a “sphere” design so they looked as if they were floating. They used fishing wire to hold the balloons to the base of the flowers. They were simply spectacular.
0341 decorations 300x199 The Bat Mitzvah of a Lifetime   Series #1



When you first entered the party room, there was a large amount of space and so to fill the gap, Paul came up with the idea to put these balloon columns there.  They even had beautiful white lights embedded within – which looked spectacular in the evening.

I really liked how we had balloons in the front part of the room and then throughout on the tables and finally we had the name balloon in the back part of the room.

The name balloon was an idea I found while browsing Pinterest and I loved how it added that ‘personal’ touch to the room. They were HUGE !   These babies cost $25 each so I was happy my daughters name had only 6 letters (lol).

0350 brooke balloons 1024x680 The Bat Mitzvah of a Lifetime   Series #1

We actually managed to bring these home (don’t ask me how) and they were floating
in my home for 2 months following the party. At least we got our moneys worth… (lol)

We hope that you found this party information useful and that you now have some ideas and tips when planning your next party. The next blog series will focus on table decorations and party favors. Be sure to come back for more fun!


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