Back to School Organizing Tips

Now that the kids are back to school, there are a few things you can do to get yourself organized. For some, staying organized is a very natural part of daily life and routine. For others, it can be daunting and overwhelming. Whatever your situation, below are a few pointers that will help you get started.  It’s never too late to get organized for back to school!

tub 150x150 Back to School Organizing Tips

(1) Pack away the Summer Gear

If you don’t already have one, all you need to do is get a large bin from your local KMART or TARGET. Whether you start today or next month, knowing that you have a ready-to-be-filled bin will make you feel organized.  What to pack? Bathing suits, flip flops, goggles, and water/beach toys.

(2) Purge & Donate

Back to School is the perfect time to clean out drawers and closets and donate to your favorite charity. As you clean, you should make piles of clothing that you no longer want. Soiled clothing should get discarded but clothes in decent shape should get donated.

backpack on hooks 100x150 Back to School Organizing Tips

A simple hook finds a perfect home for these backpacks. Much better than the floor!

(3) Find a home for their School Stuff

Finding a spot in the house where your kids can place their school belongings teaches children to take pride in their things and your home. This does not have to mean buying anything expensive. If you lack space you can hang a simple hook for their bags and give them a basket for placing smaller items.

(4) Keep Extra Supplies Handy

 Avoid last minute dashes to the store by keeping extra supplies in the house at all times. The sales are happening now so it’s a good time to stock up on pens, pencils, notebooks, report covers, etc.

(5) Get Connected with your School

 Many schools are going green and are moving in the direction of posting materials online.  Get on-line and bookmark school websites so they are easy to access later.  Save those same pages to your mobile device as well. Most schools or sports clubs now have Facebook pages and are on twitter.  The goal here is to stay informed and stay connected.

(6) Manage all those School Papers

Managing all the paperwork can be hectic. You can separate paperwork by completed assignments (things you want to save) and assignments left to do. You might further organize or separate by child.  You can hang important flyers on a corkboard

(7) Sports Gear 

 bins 150x150 Back to School Organizing TipsThe start of the school year typically means the start of many sports activities. Bins with Lids, large baskets or cubbies work perfect for storing cleats, shin guards, uniforms and other sports necessities. You can keep the bins in the garage, laundry room, or basement.

(8) Docking Station

Keep your electronic devices charged at all times with a docking station. Having a ‘home’ for all your stuff will keep you organized.  PS. If you have lots of kids and lots of devices you might need more than one!

(9) The Command Center

command center 150x150 Back to School Organizing Tips

Depending on how much space you have you can get pretty intense with the family command center. Are you ready to tackle all those school papers, party invitations, and homework assignments? If no, here is what you need to get started: Calendar, Cork Board, Wipe Board and Hanging Bins.

(10) Apps

There are countless options of online apps that will help you stay on top of your ‘to-do’ list and stay on time.  Apps worth trying:  Intuition, Cozi or TeuxDeux.  All avail on the app store. Google Calendar is another simple option for keeping families on the same page!

Good Luck and Happy Organizing

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