Event: ‘Bring the Neat’ – Springtime Organizing Event

FREE EVENT HOSTED BY WRAP iT INVENTOR ADAM LEVINE An Incredible Springtime Organizing Event Live On Google+ Discover Simple and Easy Ways For You To Take YOUR Springtime Organizational Skills To The Next Level REGISTER HERE 10 Speakers LIVE!!  FRIDAY, April 11th starting at 10 a.m EST oh and yours truly will be one of […]

How I learned to Write Without Even Knowing It

A Guest Post by Jaimie M. Engle How I learned to Write Without Even Knowing It I knew at seven years old I wanted to be an author. I’d read Shel Silverstein, then pluck out poetry on my typewriter (yes, BC folks) about all the foods I hated, trying to mimic his voice and style. […]

The Rescued White Kitten

I never liked cats. That feeling stemmed from an experience I had as a young girl babysitting and they had a cat that used to always spook the heck out of me. I recall it would just stare and then POUNCE over to me and basically would scare the shit out of me.  Gosh, I hated […]

3 Tips for Maintaining a Secure WordPress Website

February 2014 Featured Blogger: Lisa Rodriguez of Next Level Consulting 3 Tips for Maintaining a Secure WordPress Website, by Lisa Rodriguez If you are managing an online business or blog, chances are you are running it on WordPress.  WordPress has evolved into the CMS of choice, when it comes to setting up a simple blog […]

Avoid the extra pounds during the Holidays

This is a hectic time of year.  We are all very busy working a full time job, part time job, managing the household, chauffeuring the kids to everyplace under the sun. The fall sports season is about to end, the winter sports season is gearing up. Holiday shopping is on your mind and you are […]

Get Organized with Thirty-One

Featured Product:  Large Utility Tote by Thirty-One Keeping you organized on-the-go Join Sue’s Group on Facebook: TOTE-ALLY ORGANIZED BY SUE  to be entered into a FREE Raffle! If you are a parent-on-the-go and spend half your life in your vehicle (which we know that you do!) then you must consider this organizing utility tote as an […]