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Girliemom is dedicated to helping up-and-coming Authors with generating significant social media buzz throughout the mom blog community.   Let us help you get your book in the hands of the largest on-line retail demographic, moms!

For new Authors it is often challenging to be noticed in a very crowded market where others are trying to do the same exact thing.  That’s where we come in…

  • Girliemom has reach in the largest community of online retailers in the world – mothers.
  • With Girliemom as your advocate, we will put your book and your brand in front of countless new faces.

Are you a new author? Are you looking for some assistance to get your book or brand ‘out there’ and simply lack the knowledge or time to do so?

Here is how the service ‘Author Promo’ works:

First, you need to send us your Book
We don’t just market your book. We READ  your book and then we will tell the world all about it! In reading your book, we can understand your point of view, your characters and your tone.

Girliemom will publish a Book Review on
Generally speaking, we will publish a book review 3-4 months after receiving the book. This gives us time to read the book. We work based on first come first serve basis so the timeline may be sooner predicated on how many books we have in front of yours.

The Share Process
This is the fun part.  Once the blog post publishes we will blast it out to all our social media channels. This generally includes: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest.   Depending on the type of book, we may also publish  on

More Sharing = More Exposure
This is when most bloggers fail because once the blog post publishes they walk away. That is not what you get with us.  We CONTINUOSLY rotate our content all the time.  To ensure maximum exposure to our community of readers we will re-circulate all the time, no less than a few times each month, to all our platforms!

Circle Back and Follow up!
We will always be following up with our Authors to ensure utmost satisfaction at all times.  We will keep you well informed about any new services we may be providing that could benefit you. For instance, if it’s during the holidays, we may ask you to do a feature with us to further promote your book / brand.

Don’t believe we can do all this? Read our References !


Assuming we’ve caught your interest, the next thing to do is discuss pricing options.
Please CONTACT US for more information.  We will call you and set up a meeting.