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nicely manicured nails does not require 2 hours in the salon

Pretty Nails

There really is no excuse for not having nicely manicured nails.

Oh, and trust me, I’ve had my fair share of walking around with unsightly chips with no glimmer of a hope to get it repaired. I understand.

If your nails are chipped and you have no chance to get to the salon, take off your polish and apply a clear coat of polish. At least this way you look neat.

Depending what you are having done of course, nicely manicured nails at a salon is possible in under 30 minutes but some applications (like adding tips) can last up to 2 hours which can be a major bi-weekly time commitment. Nicely manicured nails does not always have to be so out of reach.  A simple trip to your local drug store and you can do it yourself in 10 minutes flat.

Generally, I am a basic gal when it comes to my nails and I choose my color based on one to three variables:

(1) What is happening in my life in the next week or two
If I know I’m going to be rubbing elbows with the big shots at work, I generally stay away from black and hot pink and go for more basic and profesional colors like light pink or a french manicure.

(2) The season
Think light and bright shades in the spring and summer and more autumnal colors in the fall and winter.   Please, keep the neon shades for your kids.

(3) My mood
I think we’ve all had this happen. You go have your nails done, you pay good money, you hate the color.  Recently, I tried purple and the next day I decided I felt like Barney. Don’t think so.  Barney came off with one swipe of a cotton ball soaked in nail polish remover.

Here are 5 basic tips for keeping your nails looking  fabulous:

(1) Keep your cuticles groomed
Apply cuticle oil on a weekly basis which will keep your cuticles soft and supple. Cuticle oil is available in your local drug store.

(2)  Go for light colors if your nails chip easily
You won’t notice the cracks and chips on lighter colors as you will on red or other dark shades

(3)  Gel Manicures
Gel Manicures might be popular right now but be forewarned … put sunblock on your hands and don’t get too often as it will make your nails weak and fragile.  I go on Sundays and then I’m good for two solid work weeks.

(4)  Keep the length at bay
You won’t scratch yourself, you won’t scratch others and you can text and pick things up with no problem. Need I say more?

(5)   Natural nails has it’s perks
You can change your color as often as you want and if you are fortunate enough where you can make it to a salon each week you can ask for a polish change (vs. a full manicure) to keep costs down. 

Keeping well groomed is an effort though nobody needs to know you’re high maintenance ! 🙂

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