Attacked by the Peanut Butter Toast

Only a mom can appreciate this:

peanut butter toast Attacked by the Peanut Butter ToastYesterday, in my quest to get one of my daughters to eat her breakfast I allowed her to take her food ‘to-go’ in the car, something I rarely do but we were short on time on this morning. I am forever reminding my girls about the importance to eat a healthy breakfast. I was delighted one of my very-fussy-morning-eaters made a request for toast with peanut butter.

We progressed in my car with the toast on a paper plate. She took a bite or two and decided she had enough so she hands me the plate which I then placed on the front seat of the passenger side seat. On most days I would eat their leftovers. On this day, for whatever reason, I did not.

Completely forgetting about the toast by the time I get to the office, it remained in my vehicle the whole day. After work, I had to stop at the store. As I proceeded into the store I look down and wonder what the heck is all this brown stuff all over me.  Sure enough, peanut butter all over my pocketbook, my black jacket and black pants.  Peanut butter everywhere!   I wondered what happened to the toast because when I went back to the car I noticed it was no longer on the plate. I found it on the floor of my car. How lovely.  All I could do was laugh at myself.

There is no point to this story, short of maybe providing you a laugh or two.   Only a mom would admit to being attacked by her daughters peanut butter toast! 🙂


  1. An Uncle can appreciate the story too. Love you

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