“The Art of Brow Shaping”

photo 6 300x193 The Art of Brow Shaping

Sabria Celaj

Meet cialis half life chart Sabria, the ‘Eyebrow Guru’

Dedicated mother and wife, Sabria Celaj is living her passion doing what she loves. She is the ‘Eyebrow Guru.’ Beyond an impeccable technique, Sabria connects the emotional dots of aesthetic and personality, shaping eyebrows cultivating your natural inner-beauty.

Girliemom Contributor, Stephanie Mazzoni recently had the chance to get some amazing advice from Sabria about Eyebrows and we are so happy and thrilled to feature Sabria as our guest blogger for September.

My name is Sabria Celaj and I have had a passion for eyebrows since the age of 16 and now a mother of 3. Being a perfectionist by nature, for me the importance of the eyebrow cannot be under estimated, it impacts your whole face. It changes your looks dramatically.

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photo 7 150x150 The Art of Brow ShapingIt is said that “the eyes are the windows to a person’s soul”, but how about the frame that holds the window. Nobody ever speaks about the importance of the frame that viagra online canadian pharmacy holds the window aka “the (eye) Brow.”

Your eyes are the first thing that people notice when they are interacting with you. When they look into your eyes and they unconsciously say to themselves, “wow… what beautiful eyes, can I trust this person and or do I connect with them?”

You can have the most beautiful eyes yet depending on the shape of your brow it can either enhance your beauty or detract from it. Eyebrows are the viagraonline-canadarxed most important keys to framing a face.

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When you think about cartoonists… when they draw the evil angry devil like characters they personify it by making their eyebrows point down in the middle going to an upward slant in the opposite direction. Brows can most definitely transform your face.

photo 8 150x150 The Art of Brow ShapingRegarding your eyebrows you may be facing a few dilemmas, one being waxing verses threading or tweezing. Of course it is certainly your choice but my personal preference is tweezing, it allows me to have more precise and creative control. The other issue I hear with some frequency is ” I don’t have enough eyebrows to work with.” I is there a generic version of cialis just want to reassure you that in the years that I have been doing brow shaping there was not one pair of brows that I could not work with and make a visible difference.

Sometimes it is a matter of reshaping your brows and letting them grow in, other times it is pulling out the right hairs to create the desired shape. I am always asked ” How do you determine the shape of someone’s brows?” Well…..when grooming eyebrows I consider the frame of the face shape and personality has everything to do with achieving the flawless brow. If a client wants a certain look that interferes with their shape face, I will kindly recommend what I believe will accept their best features. I always make sure the client leaves with perfect brow design and is completely satisfied. This gives me the best feeling of accomplishment.

So in the end cialis 20mg preis I like to follow my “Brow Philosophy” and it’s quite simple… I want my clients to look natural and flawless, I study the brow and then I determine the ideal shape to achieve. Beautiful eyebrows gives you a polished look.

photo 9 150x150 The Art of Brow ShapingSabria has been designing Eyebrows for many years working mostly at luxury salons in NYC. discount pharmacy Visit her website www.sabriasbrows.com




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