Are You Okay?

When people ask the question “Are you okay?” nine times out of ten they don’t want to hear anything other than the stock “I’m fine” answer. To answer any other way, would open the door for actual conversation.  Who the hell wants that?  It makes me wonder why people ask the question in the first place.   I believe it’s just a common courtesy sort of thing.   If someone looks sad, unhappy or out-of-sorts it’s only natural to ask “Are you okay?” or “Is there anything I can do for you?”

Lord knows, if I answered these questions honestly to every person that asked, I might not have any friends.   Or, if somebody asked me if I needed a hand perhaps I should answer them by saying what I’m really thinking. That might sound something like this:  “Actually, would you mind cleaning my toilet bowls today?” or “Can you come over and cook dinner for my family?”  Perhaps I should work  harder to ensure my face didn’t read like such an open book.  Apparently, it’s clearly obvious if my mood is anything but happy.  Hence, why I seem to get asked this question a lot.

As my daughter read this post while looking over my shoulder, she reminded me that it takes more muscles to frown then to smile.  An interesting piece of trivia for those that were not aware.

multitasking facial 150x150 Are You Okay?For most of you moms out there you likely suffer from the same thing I do:  Sharing bizarre facial expressions with the world because we are multi-tasking too much stuff while having a “what the hell should I do first” moment.   

This is exactly why I blog about organizing AND parenting humor.  No matter how organized we are (or think we are)  life always has a way to throw us curveballs.  How we handle them is what matters. This is the part I’m working on for my own self.   I will write more specifically about this  in a future post.  

So, what does your face look like?  Hopefully, not like this one!



  1. today, should be like that one LOL! my husband and the boys had mix nuts for snack and they ate nuts like monkey. Now the living room is filled with nuts junk and to be honest I really want to scream and told my husband to get a cleaner because I really don’t know where to begin with the cleaning aarrrrgggghhh…

    • i say, let them have fun then break out the vacuum cleaner! this would satisfy the “living in the moment” (fun) and the need to clean immediately following!

  2. I started with a Tony Robbins coach a couple of weeks ago and one topic of conversation that we are working on is ‘relationshipping’ with those around us…. from friends to strangers. Based on what I’m learning, I not only think it is fine to ask someone if there is anything you can do (if you are taking in the cues that something is off) but I believe that it could be just the moment that someone feels connect and uplifted simply because you presented yourself as someone that genuinely has interest in helping them improve their situation:)

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