Alone Time with Kids

I can’t say enough about the importance of alone (“solo”) time with your kids. I had a great 3 mile bike ride with my 8 year old (middle child) today. We were able to chat while bike riding and it allowed me the opportunity to talk to her and only her, without interruption from the other two. I have found over the years that it was next to impossible to find solo time with each of my girls. I worked all day, didn’t get home until after 5 and then it was the ‘rat race’ (a topic for another blog!) to get dinner on the table, get everything cleaned, squeeze in a work-out perhaps, fold laundry, prep for next day events, check homework, etc…. finding alone time was just not happening.   I have made a point these past few weeks to make it a priority. It was actually just that simple. I tried a gentle explanation to the girls but the upset this caused was surprising and it really bothered me. Did they feel like they were missing out on something (likely yes I realize this). Did they feel one was getting “more” than the other (likely yes I realize this).  I finally just put my foot down and told the other two that this was it, I was going for a bike ride with one and they could not come. Period end of story. There were tears at first, but now I think they get the point. They EACH like their solo time with mom.  What I hope to gain is an increased bond with all of my girls. There is no greater thing in life than that. xoxo

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