Advanced Preparation of Snacks

One of the biggest challenges I face day in and day out is getting out the door in the morning at the time I’m supposed to.  The days that seem to run smooth are always the days when I am most organized. 

For the elementary school children we are asked to pack a lunch (if they are not buying) and also a healthy snack.   This post is going to show you a few tips on how to prepare  those healthy snacks in advance which will save you some time in the morning.  If you are not required to pack a snack for school, you can use this technique to advance prepare for grab-n-go snacks.

Step 1:  Of course the first step is to make sure you have healthy snacks in the house.  

Step 2:  Organize your supplies.   The supplies you will need are:

  • Snack Baggies
  • Brown Lunch Bags
  • 1 Medium Sized Basket
  • Small tupperware with freezer inserts
baggies 150x150 Advanced Preparation of Snacks

we prefer snack sized bags for portion control

packing fruit 150x150 Advanced Preparation of Snacks

Hint: Keep the lids in the freezer

bags 150x150 Advanced Preparation of Snacks

preparing in advance will save you time







endresult1 300x153 Advanced Preparation of Snacks

in this example we packed pretzel thins, goldfish and pop chips


Step 3:  Place dry snacks (like chips) into the baggies and fresh fruit into the tupperware. Be sure to create a few different varities and pack enough for one week.  So,  if you have 2 kids you will need at least 10 snacks packed in advance.

Step 4: Add you snacks to the brown bags.   Don’t forget the napkin! 

Keep the fruit in the container and in the refrigerator until you are ready to use.  However, keep the lid in the freezer. It will take 2 seconds in the morning to pop the lid on.

Step 5.  Place any remaining snack bags in a basket. Perfect for grab-n-go days!

basket 233x300 Advanced Preparation of Snacks

Advanced preparation of snacks is a great technique for grab-n-go moments which seem like every day in our house!

eco friendly snack bags 300x226 Advanced Preparation of Snacks

For our ‘green’ pals, there are many eco friendly options! These cute bags make for great gifts and are good for our environment.


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