A Book Review: Kissed in Paris

Kissed in Paris by Juliette Sobanet

I love the way this book starts. Chloe Turner is checking her emails and receives an email from her boss who is sick with the flu. Subject: Pack your bags. The City of Love awaits.

Chloe is getting married in nine days to her fiancé. Chloe is an event planner who needs to go

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Chapter One starts off : “You are in Paris, the City of Love. You must not be so controlled. Here, have another glass. I promise you, it will not hurt.”

Chloe Turner wakes up in the Plaza Athernee Hotel in Paris, she only has a few memories of Claude, the suave French man who convinced her to have that extra glass of wine. With a slinky red dress in her room, that did not belong to her, she starts to panic. Everything is gone. Her suitcase, purse, phone, diamond engagement ring and passport are all gone.

Now, Chloe has to figure out how she is going to get back home. The bigger problem is that she is under investigation for fraud and nobody believes her. Now is a perfect time to get a professional help with college essays college-essay-help.org that you can count on! She meets Julien Moreau who is an undercover agent. He is a very sexy French undercover agent. The two strangers go on a wild chase through France trying to find Claude who stole Chloe’s passport and engagement ring and of course they need to clear her name!

This book is a quick, fast, fun read and has it all: love , adventure and suspense. It will hook you in, in the first few pages. The characters are fun not to mention that the setting is in France. Juliette Sobanet did a wonderful job capturing the feel of France and the culture as she is extremely descriptive in the use of her words. I have never been to Paris but this book makes you feel like you are there.

Ooo la la!

Happy Reading

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