Five things that ought to be outlawed on Sunday

There are five things that I can think of that should be outlawed on Sundays. All moms should receive a “free pass” from having to do these things on Sunday. Sunday is supposed to be day of rest while watching sports and eating good food.

Here’s the list. If you can think of any others please tell me, I’m happy to make the list longer 🙂

Top 5 things that should be outlawed on Sundays:

Just wish the kids would stop throwing stuff in the hamper that was only worn for 5 minutes and/or they are just too lazy to put their stuff away properly. Tell me right now that you don’t feel incredibly accomplished when the hamper is empty! Oh, and the devastating feeling you get when somebody puts the first sock in is enough to put you into a deep depression (lol).

(2) Food Shopping
I really dislike being in the supermarket on Sunday. Everybody else is there and I don’t feel like being “social” on sundays. I’m tired,, want to get my cold cuts and go home. Sorry.

(3) Cleaning House
I saw an Oprah episode once when she discussed how your kids will never remember you by how much cleaning you did. I try (oh how I try) to remember this as I’m shuffling back and forth, upstairs and downstairs scrubbing toilets and changing the sheets on the bed. If i don’t do this on Sunday, tell me when else will it get done? It won’t.

(4) Playdates
Playdates are a royal pain in the tush and I don’t want to plan play dates on Sunday. When we were kids and we wanted to play with our friends we walked to their house and got them. My mom would generally tell us to get out of the house and come back at 5 for dinner. Funny, we went outside and our friends were all miraculously there. I suppose their moms told them the same exact thing. Today, everything is planned. I suppose in this day and age we have no choice. All the crazies ruined it.

(5) Prep for the week ahead
How much of your time on Sunday do you spend prepping for the week ahead? It’s nuts. We cook meals in advance. We lay out clothes in advance (yes, that’s me!). We do all that we can to ensure the week ahead runs smoothly. This can take hours and is generally………exhausting – but we do it anyway.

Here is what the list is supposed to look like. On Sunday, I…

(1) Eat Bagels for Breakfast while watching Cartoons
Sorry people, I am a Long Island girl and this is what we do. We eat bagels and lots of them. You are supposed to watch cartoons on Sunday too. This is just a fact of life.

(2) Watch lots of Football while eating chips, wings and beer
Rumor has it, the guys really like it when you are into sports. So whether you are a sports chic or not don your favorite sports jersey and go hang with him. You will score serious bonus points if you serve chicken wings and his favorite beer 🙂

(3) Do fun things with the kids
Weather permitting you gotta get out of the house and do fun stuff with the kids. Ride bikes, wash the car, plant flowers. Whatever, this is the stuff they remember. Its all about quality family time.

(4) Eat Italian Food for Dinner
Don’t care if you order it in, go to Grandma’s or cook a yummy dish but Sundays are made for sauce and pasta. (and no, i’m not Italian)

(5) Relax
Sunday is meant to be a day when we relax. After dinner and the dishes are all put away now is the time to get on the couch and relax as a family. You can play board games, rent a movie, play some family friendly video games or watch a TV show together. The point is to be together.


  1. Amen! 🙂

  2. Wow! I thought I was the only mom whose kids put their clothes in the laundry (or under the pillows, or behind the couch, or in the cupboards…yes, I said ‘cupboards’) ’cause they don’t want to simply fold them and put ’em away. (So glad I’m not alone….!) 😉

    This is too funny and I totally agree. Especially on the bagels (even though I’m not from Long Island.).

  3. I found you on bloggy moms. I must say I agree with your list and unfortunately my list looks more like your shouldn’t than your should. When else can we do all those dreaded things like laundry and grocery shop, can’t ruin lovely Saturdays with that yucky stuff lol:) I look forward to following you, hope you can return my follow at

  4. I love the Sunday list. While I was going through it I said to myself “I did everything on that list yesterday”. I even had to go to the damn grocery store something I try not to do on Sunday. Cleaning is a daily thing in this house it has to be so my OCD brain does not snap. I also use a cleaning service bi weekly to get down to the nitty gritty….

  5. I could not agree more. Sunday’s are usually my unplugged day, and we try desperately for not to be a chore day. I think we all should create a movement to make the above suggestions become law!

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