3 Reasons why we love Be Mini Couture

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be mini 1 300x225 3 Reasons why we love Be Mini Couture

What a wonderful way to receive a gift.
The packaging with Be Mini Couture is simply precious

be mini 3 300x225 3 Reasons why we love Be Mini Couture

Your Be Mini Outfit will arrive in perfect condition, whether brand new or borrowed.

As a mother of 3 girls, we understand how difficult it can be to find the perfect little dress, especially for a special occasion.  Having recently planned my daughters Bat Mitzvah, I found the whole process of finding dressy dresses a royal pain in the neck.  The stores really did not have a big selection and this left me roaming from store to store to find what I needed.

The company Be Mini Couture was founded based on the need to solve this exact problem and what hatched as an idea soon launched into a business that began (like many others) in the basement of their home. Now a widely successful on-line brand, this company is geared solely to dressing that perfect little tot in your life.

Having now had an opportunity to review their product line and company we wanted to share with you three things we simply love about the brand:

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1. The Packaging

We received our product packaged as you see in the photos and we thought it was simply darling. Our product arrived in a simple white box that did not appear over the top or excessive. The box was classy in its simplicity and the silk bow was a very nice touch.  When you opened the box you are greeted by pretty grey tissue paper and the clothing was neatly wrapped and contained.

What a sweet way to send or receive a gift and we encourage you to keep this company in mind!

Be Mini Couture offers clothing for both boys and girls ranging in age from 6 months to 4 years.   Their website is easy to navigate and you can search for clothing by season or by occasion.

You can buy clothing or you can borrow (rent) .  Which brings us to our next point:

(2)  Rent or “Borrow” Special Occasion Clothing for your Little One

Most children’s special occasion and designer clothing carries with it a hefty price tag. If you prefer to not dish out big dollars for something your child may only wear once, they offer a rental option.  First, you will need to sign their rental agreement and accept their terms.  Every outfit is professionally dry cleaned following each rental and each will arrive to you in brand new pristine condition.

To understand the difference between buying and borrowing from Be Mini Couture we encourage you to review the “How it Works” page on their website

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this dress is so sweet it almost made me want another little girl 🙂

(3) Many Designers to Choose From

Thru Be Mini Couture you have the option to choose from a large assortment of designers. You can easily find the designer you are looking for by clicking on their “Designer” page and then you search based on whether you want to Buy or Borrow.  They made it all very simple!

Some designers options are (these are just a few there are about 30 to choose from)

  • Juicy Couture
  • Magil (featured)
  • Fendi
  • Burberry
  • Zoe
  • Hugo Boss

Be Mini Couture offers Worldwide shipping and you shipping is FREE on orders over $150 US Dollars.

Happy Shopping !


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