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3 Must Have Trends for Spring

3 Must Have Trends for Spring 1. The Pointy Toe Don’t you love it when styles make a full circle comeback!  What seemed a trend that would never return is back in full force.  It is generally at times like these that we wish we didn’t give our old stuff away or possibly you are reaching back […]

The Mystery of the Lost Socks

It is to the delight of mothers across the world the feeling we share when we have completed our laundry and all socks remain joyfully with their companion.  We also share the painful woes of how it feels to be left with a basket of socks that are missing their soulmate.  SIGH. OK, so I […]

My Life is Interfering with my Blog

My life is interfering with my blog. Or possibly, I have this backwards? Yes, Girliemom is still alive. I think. Barely. Coasting thru life at the moment at a furiously fast pace. No clue where the days are going. New job. New boss to impress. High stress. Working long days and nights. Hubby doing the […]

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