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Justifying the Work from Home Mom

Girliemom comment to a recent blog post I read: I agree with you for the most part but you have chosen to not discuss one of the fundamental reasons why many (woman) enjoy the flexibility to work from home.  It’s simple. I get to have a career AND put my kids on and off the […]

Music – How to Burn a Song to CD using Windows Media Player

We like to use Windows Media Player as we find it the most easy way to burn songs to CD Open Windows Media Player From right hand side of page select the ‘BURN’ tab (click on image to enlarge) Select the song you want to burn to a CD Drag and Drop the song to […]

Music – How to Adjust Start and Stop Time from iTunes Account

MUSIC  – how to adjust start & stop times from your iTunes account You can adjust the start and/or stop time of any song easily thru your iTunes account as follows: -From your music library right click on any song -Select “get info”         -Select the Options tab -From here you will see you […]

Are You Okay?

When people ask the question “Are you okay?” nine times out of ten they don’t want to hear anything other than the stock “I’m fine” answer. To answer any other way, would open the door for actual conversation.  Who the hell wants that?  It makes me wonder why people ask the question in the first place.   I believe it’s […]

The Truth Behind the Blog

(revised March 2015) I sobbed uncontrollably at the thought of ending my blog. I debated in my mind if it was worth it. The long hours, the hard work, all the tasks that remain undone.   The guilt of spending too much time on the computer, the fear of saying good-bye to something I truly love, the […]

I’m Not Mean, I’m your Mother!

The first time one of my girls called me ‘mean’ I almost cried.  Almost.  Funny how I’m only mean when they don’t get their way. I asked a few friends if their kids called them the ‘M’ word. I was pleasantly pleased to learn that I’m clearly not alone in this regard. Not by a […]

How to have perfect lips

January is often a time of dry chapped lips and skin so we focus on fixing those problems in this January 2012 Beauty & Style Report For those achy / chapped lips! Just a few of our favorite Lip Balms (and trust me it was hard to limit to just 4): EOS Lip Balm, Burts Bees, Avon […]

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