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Part 1: Simple ways to get organized

Hello Friends, I wanted to provide you with a 2 part series to help you begin the process to get organized in the New Year.   Hope you enjoy and find useful! (1) Tackle email overload Now is the time to sort thru all your email and remove yourself from any unnecessary mailing lists.  The way you remove […]

Last Minute Gift Ideas!

Holy Smokes. If you have still some shopping to do and need some last-minute gift ideas we have some great ideas for you: (1) Gift Cards Of course, this is an obvious one but to make it look special you can go the extra mile by placing the gift card in a nice gift card […]

Organize and Donate!

Organize and Donate I admit to being slightly overwhelmed by all the stuff that stampedes the home during the holidays. I do all that I can to get myself organized before the tidal wave of new toys and clothes hits the home. I’m not complaining. I’m crazy grateful to have this wonderful opportunity to provide for […]

Where do I buy a Bubble?

I’m waiting for the gang over at “Cool Mom Picks” to tell me where I can go buy a bubble to put my kid in. You see one of my children had her first taste of freedom and I am guessing she liked it because of her most recent request which caught me off guard.  […]

Holiday Gift Ideas for Tween Girls

I’m finding as the girls get older it gets harder (or rather more expensive) to find things I know they will like.  I suppose gone are the days when barbie dolls would suffice.  I am new to the tween world but I believe with my technical prowess and motherly skills I have assembled a decent […]

Beauty Find! Bare Minerals

Girliemom – December 2011 – Top 3 Favorite Beauty Products (1) BareMinerals – Pure Transformation Night Treatment       Pin It While I confess this is not a product I use every day when I make the effort to apply the difference is immediate. For me, I use BareMinerals Transformation Night Treatment when I want to see immediate improvement in […]

The not-so-glamorous truth to traveling on business

I have just returned from my business trip.  I have documented all the reasons why I found this trip incredibly enjoyable  (yes, sarcasm intended here): (1)   Poo to the First Class Champagne Sippers. Yes, we get that you are special.  But people like me don’t like people like you. You get to board the plane first, […]

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